The New Beginning.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We go through life not knowing what's next. But we also the main characters of our own stories and I'm starting this to tell my experiences with life to either help or guide people. I won't sit here and say I know everything. Personally I'm just 29 year old man thats learning trust God more and more every day. If me doing this can help at least one person then I'm okay with that result. I seemed to always be toe to toe with life and people. All that got me was the last 5 year's of losing everything I've worked for. At the end of last year I watched a person walk out on me to find better. So this year lead me to go head up with my inner demons and face reality. Forced me to place God first in my life and follow this new journey he has in store in my life. I have always been quiet when it came to my problems. So I'm hear to tell you that the best thing you can do is find someone that's okay with just listening to you if thats what you need. I would like you to know if you ever need someone to guide you to a peaceful life. I will be figuring out how to use this website to connect me to more people. Please bare with me because I'm new at all of this and if you have advise for me please share. I'm open to hear anything. This is my new beginning and may God bless!!!!

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